Translational Research in Veterinary Science  Vol. 5 No. 1-2 (2022) p. 3

Jędrzej M. Jaśkowski

This is another, third edition of our conference in Toruń, devoted to technologies of assisted reproduction in animals. The current one was developed in difficult, post-pandemic times, in the cyclone of the recent war in Ukraine, avalanche inflation, on the verge of a great economic unknown. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, we decided to organize the conference. The starting point was the need to meet and revive the old atmosphere, full of conversations and interesting discussions on the one hand, and on the other the desire to take a broader look at current and past problems. We expected a decrease in the activity of parties dealing commercially with this area of activity, including traditional embryo transfer teams. We were curious how others currently manage to work in these difficult conditions. Initially, the group willing to participate in the conference was small, but it grew over time. New interesting areas presented by guests from different countries who, we believe, will bring a fresh view on the discussion. We met some of our guests at foreign conferences, others we know as authors of literature from our scientific field. We expanded our conference with section called “various” and located there short speeches on topics related to the main subject, signaling the commenced, but prospective tasks. Despite some fears related to the dynamic political and economic situation, all the invited guests arrived – the closest neighbors: from Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine and also countries outside of our continent like Nigeria, thousands of kilometers away. Traditionally, we are happy to welcome participants of previous meetings, colleagues from other academic centers, free practice doctors, breeders, representatives of companies and a solid group of sponsors who did not disappoint. The group of scientifically active students, members of scientific clubs and IVSA, co-hosts of this event, who have also significantly developed and gained international experience in the last year. To meet their expectations, we increased the share of English-language presentations, while encouraging them to prepare presentations in this congress language. At the same time, we encouraged you to publish your speeches in our Toruń journal, which is Translational Research in Veterinary Medicine. There are many more major and minor novelties. We hope you will experience and discuss them with us.

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