Vol. 1 No. 1 (2018)

This issue table of contents

Chandra S. Pareek
5 – 7

Word of the Rector of the Nicolaus Copernicus University
Andrzej Tretyn
9 – 10

Research Articles

The role of microRNAs in animal physiology and pathology 
Joanna Szczepanek, Chandra S. Pareek, Andrzej Tretyn
13 – 33

Influence of unilateral ovariectomy performed before ovulation on ovarian function, steroid hormone levels and development of porcine fetuses 
Klaus-Peter Brüssow, Jozsef Rátky, Bartosz Kempisty, Paweł Antosik, Magdalena Herudzińska, Jędrzej Maria Jaśkowski 
35 – 49

Influence of feto-pelvic disproportion on milk cows fertility 
Marek Gehrke, Anna Sawa, Jędrzej M. Jaśkowski, Bartłomiej M. Jaśkowski, Magdalena Herudzinska, Jakub Kulus
51 – 68

FInvestigation of candidate genes for metabolic disorders expressed in liver and pituitary gland by comparing the RNA-seq data of Polish-HF and Polish-Red cattle 
Dominika Wysocka, Przemysław Sobiech, Magdalena Herudzińska, Mateusz Sachajko, Chandra S. Pareek
69 – 83

Legal aspects associated with the lack of possibilities of preventing the spread of toxocarosis and toxoplasmosis in Poland 
Mariusz Z. Felsmann, Mirosława Felsmann
85 -105

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